Kids Toys – Big Wheel Tricycles Making a Come Back

Great news, all you nostalgia enthusiasts. The original Big Wheel tricycle is being manufactured again, and now you can introduce your own children to the same, no-holds barred spinning, sliding, riding fun you remember from being a kid. The original Big Wheel was first manufactured in the 1960′s and soon became a right of passage toy for kids on up through the 1980′s, when it faded from fashion. But for anyone who grew up in that era, there is almost assuredly a memory or two of flying down the street at super speeds (well, as fast as you could pedal) in your big monster of a Big Wheel.

Sure, it wasn't the safest toy in the world. It would spin out uncontrollably sometimes, and often tip over. There were no brakes (and still isn't…they've really kept true to the original version), so stopping often had to be done with your feet, or by running into something. Still, as kids, we didn't care. We were having too much fun. And parents back then weren't as concerned about safety as they are today. Nowadays, everything is padded to the max to avoid injury. In the old days, if a toy couldn't injure you in some way, it wasn't any fun.

Today's Big Wheels are virtually the same toy as you fondly remember. They have a 16 inch front wheel and an adjustable seat that will grow with your child. The toy itself is appropriate to kids ages 3 to 8, and can carry a child of up to 70 pounds with ease. It's simple, easy fun at its best. This is no high-tech toy. It is powered by your child's own pedaling and steering, and is suitable for outdoor use on sidewalks, driveways and some streets (with supervision and on streets with little traffic). It's a great way to get your kid outside and away from the video games and into the sunshine getting some much needed exercise. If you want to give your child a touch of retro fun this Christmas, the original Big Wheel tricycle is one toy that should definitely be on your list.

Four wheelers are always a little bit more advanced than three wheelers. This is where kids go crazy over electric powered ride on toys. They are obviously a little bit more expensive; but they come with a ton of features nowadays. One main disadvantage of these battery powered ride on toys when compared to big wheel tricycles is that they don't make your kids exercise much! It's really up to you, whether you want to go with an electric powered riding toy or muscle powered trike!