Why We Love Wooden Toys

When you walk down the toy aisle in a store you will see a million different toy options. There are plastic toys, foam toys, rubber toys, and of course, wooden toys. Wooden toys are awesome, and we love them. There are several reasons that wood toys are better than other toy options. Here are the reasons why:

Wooden toys are great for children's imagination:

Wood toys do not require batteries, which means that you can play with them anytime, regardless of whether or not you have functioning batteries. They also invite open ended play, and require kids to enjoy their creativity. Toys made out of wood allow the child to think for themselves, and play the way they want to.

Wooden toys are great for children's mental health:

Wooden playthings are not going to over-stimulate kids the way plastic toys with lots of lights, music, etc. do. A wood toy is going to allow the child to process their play, and not just move from one automated thing to another. Wood toys focus more on creative play and actively using your mind than on cause and effect.

Wooden toys are good for children's physical health:

Plastic toys can negatively affect health because of the chemicals and lead, etc. that can be found in them. So, you want to make sure that you choose wooden toys that are not going to damage the organs, skin, etc. of your child. Wood toys are dyed with natural dyes, and are sanded down smooth and are not going to pose a risk to kids. Kids tend to put things in their mouth, cuddle them close, etc. so, you have to be careful about the kind of toys you buy them and allow them to put in their mouths.

Wooden toys are good for environmental health:

Wood is a renewable resource that is very durable, and lasts longer than plastic. Not only can you grow new wood quickly and easily, you also know that if you do throw the toy out it is going to be biodegradable, and not fill up a landfill with something that is going to take millions of years to degrade. Bamboo toys are the best form of wooden toys because bamboo can grow up to a foot a day. In addition, there are no chemicals used to grow the wood, unlike the chemicals used for plastics.

Wooden toys are a wonderful choice. The natural materials in them is naturally appealing to children. They are more comforting and inviting than plastic toys, and they also offer a great deal more potential for fueling creativity. They are more environmentally safe, and will give you more bang for your buck because they will last longer and get played with far more. You have to know that your child will get more use out of a wood toy, and if you invest the little more upfront, you will get a lot more in the long run.