Top Five Outdoor Toys That Children Want In The Backyard

Children of all ages will always have a blast playing outside, especially on wooden swing sets. They enjoy activities such as swinging, bouncing, jumping, sliding and swimming. As a parent, it is enjoyable to watch your children have fun when they are playing outdoors. Children take comfort knowing mom or dad is right there, which makes them feel safe. When parents join in the fun, the kids usually are laughing and having a good time while bonding and creating lifetime memories with mom or dad, which will be treasured forever!

The new trend over the last few decades has been turning the backyard into a playground, an environment that resembles the local parks. Most parents will buy outdoor toys such as wooden swing sets, bounce houses, inflatable waterparks, trampolines and play tents, turning their backyards into a play area full of these types of big toys.

One of the most common backyard toys is are wooden swing sets. Wooden swing sets normally come with fun activities that keep kids entertained, exercising, playing and using their imaginations. For example, it helps keep them physically fit as they climb on the monkey bars, or use their leg muscles as they swing back and forth. Another example is children will learn to take turns, share and interact with siblings and friends while playing on these units. Backyard playsets will capture the attention of children as they often come with a wide variety of accessories and play options. They will enjoy playing in the forts because they are a great place to hangout with friends. Kids really enjoy wooden swing sets because they provide them with a vast array of fun activities.

Another type of fun toy for the backyard is the inflatable bouncer, also referred to as moonwalks, jumpy castles and bounce houses. Bounce houses are easy to use and kids literally will play inside jumping for hours. Bounce houses let children experience the thrill of bouncing and most can easily convert into a ball pit by tossing in 100 or 200 play balls. This is great fun for young toddlers because they can jump around and play with the balls.

Inflatable waterparks can bring a whole new level of fun to the backyards on those hot summer days. Splashing around in waterparks is a fun way to cool off and most come with small splash pools and multiple slides. Just turn on the garden hose, make the connections, inflate and you are ready to play. There are a few combination models which incorporates a scaled down version of large bounce houses along with the inflatable waterparks.

Trampolines are another great activity. They are available in many configurations such as square, rectangle and oblong. Most units are designed for a single jumper so children will learn to take turns along with being patient. It is recommended to always have the cage attached so the jumpers are safer.

Outdoor play tents and teepees round out the list of the top 5 favorites as these are designed made to left outside. Who doesn't like climbing inside their own play tents or teepees and pretending they are someone else in some other place in time. Kids love to play pretend and this is the perfect outlet for that. These are also the perfect units for backyard sleepovers!

As you can imagine there are many types of toys that are specifically designed to engage children in outdoor play. This provides a valuable experience for children as they enjoy playing outdoors.