Outdoor Toys – Making the Most of the Summer

The British summer time provides a few months where enjoying the outdoors is made as easy as possible. This article examines the outdoor toys available today which make the outdoors preferable to playing computer games or watching television.

While it is possible to hire a bouncy castle for an event you can also purchase a number of different inflatable structures which provide endless fun for all ages. For younger children, smaller bouncy castles are available at a relatively low cost. One of the leading manufacturers of small bouncy castles is Duplay. These range from the smallest, being a 10 by 9 and a half ft train shaped bouncy castle to a series of 12ft, brightly coloured, traditional bouncy castle with a slide entrance.

A popular variation of the bouncy castle is the inflatable water slide. These range from 10ft to 18ft and beyond and provide an excellent way to have fun outdoors and cool off during the summer months.

Another option is the ever popular climbing frame. There are a huge variety of designs to choose from which are constructed either from wood, metal or a combination of both. These would commonly include a ladder, slide, monkey bars, playhouse and swings. These are suitable for any level garden area with adequate space and are practically maintenance free.

Younger children may also enjoy a playhouse. The scope of use for these outdoor toys is slightly greater than other outdoor toys as they can be used all year round. There are many different designs and they are constructed from either plastic or wood. A popular plastic playhouse is the Smoby Wendy house. This is one of the smallest and lowest costing playhouses available and features specially rounded corners and edges to make playing as safe as possible. At the opposite end of the scale is the 10 by 10ft Swiss cottage style playhouse. This features two levels, a large veranda, overhanging roof and picket fence.

Amongst the more recent additions to the outdoor toys are electric ride on cars and kid scooters. There are numerous designs to choose from and provide year round entertainment. Ride on cars are some of the safest outdoor toys available and give your child the feeling of freedom that comes with owning your own vehicle. Many of the electric scooters on the market today include a seat which can be detached and they are capable of achieving up to 16mph.

Amongst the plethora of sporting equipment available you may be interested to know about Slacklines. These are essentially tightropes which are slightly wider to allow children and beginners to experience tight rope walking in the comfort of their own garden. They are simply fixed to two points less than 10 metres apart. These may be trees or a secure fixture on a building.

Adults and older children can cool off during the summer with an inflatable spa/Jacuzzi. While these items fall under the category of outdoor toys, supervision is crucial if younger children are using them. The largest of the inflatable spas can accommodate up to 6 adults and includes side table for resting your refreshments.