Inspire Imagination With Children's Outdoor Toys

Society and especially children have become enamored with digital electronic entertainment. The joyful sounds of children playing outside have largely been replaced with the bleeps and blips of the latest video game console. If you would like to inspire your child's imagination try setting up brightly colored children's outdoor toys. You can find these toys for nearly any age group and in several unique combinations, below are a few examples to choose from.

Small Children

The  first play center I bought for my kids were an ingenious little unit that sparked imaginative play, exercise and fun. This is one of the nicest children's outdoor toys you will find. Not only is it brightly colored to catch their attention it offers several play options that small climbers will find irresistible. Features include:

"Rock" climbing wall with brightly colored hand and feet holds

Four foot slide

Play deck

Rope climbing net

Den like play area with door and window

These play sets are all made of premium FSC certified lumber and come with a manufactures warranty against rot and insect damage. Safety is at the core of the design and manufacturing process so you will have less to worry about. My first play center comes to you ready to assemble with pre-drilled holes and all the hardware you will need including ground anchors for setting it in concrete.

Older Children

Small play sets will only hold their attention for so long as your children age. Before you know it they will be jumping off the slight incline of the smaller units trying to get a thrill. When your children reach this age you want to provide children's outdoor toys that offer even more options. The Spider Monkey play set could be just what the doctor ordered for summertime boredom.

Multiple play areas

Play tower with roll-down door and den

Six ft wave slide

One swing

Two seat glider

Climbing rope

Sand pit

Climbing net

Rock face wall

As with the previous outdoor toy example this unit is also made of treated lumber with your children's safety in mind. Swings are held up by soft feel ropes and offer heavy-duty blow molded seats for comfort and durability. It is important to note that the swings have a maximum weight allowance of 50 kg or approximately 112 pounds.

Ultimate Play Set

When you are ready to provide the ultimate play center for your kids, the Wildebeest is the best option going. There are more features to these children's outdoor toys than you can shake a stick at! Your children will be in heaven with one of these gracing the backyard and you just might find their circle of friends growing to include the entire neighborhood!


5ft play tower comprising a large play den with roll-down door

Play deck

Plastic steering wheel

Plastic telescope

10ft wave slide

Rock wall with hand and foot grips

Wooden apex roof

Wooden barriers and bridge

3ft play tower and fabric roof- play den with roll-down door

Climbing ramp with rope handrails

Sand pit

Swing and 2 seat glider

4ft play tower with play deck

8ft wave slide

Wooden barriers

Picnic table

Wooden clatter bridge