Checklist for Safer Learning Toys

There are many hidden hazards concerning toys that parent may not realize. It is responsibility of parent to ensure toddlers safety all the time, especially playing time because little toddlers might be left unattended at that time. Thus, it is important to buy toys that meet all safety standards. Here is a checklist for safety toys for toddlers.

Safety toys should no have sharp edges or fragile parts. It has to check all toys for sharp and pointed edges before give to little kids. This is very important as they generally tend to put things into their mouths or even into their eyes. This might cause injury if falling on top of the toy while playing.

There is a vital point to be aware of that never buy a toy which has a small parts that may be swallowed or stuck in the nose. Little toddlers have a tendency to swallow things and this could cause a danger situation. If a toy or part of the toy can fit inside the toilet paper tube, then it is too small for toddlers and is a potential choking hazard.

Next, if the toy you are considering to buy has cords or strings attached to it, please be aware that the cords are not too long. It is better no strings longer than seven inches. This kind of toys always a danger of the cord getting entangled right into a loop which can pose strangulation hazards to the toddler.

Furthermore, it is not advisable to purchase a toy which might lead in the color used. If the toy you brought is sound enabled, it is necessary to check the noise levels and make sure the volume is controllable. The sensitive hearing of toddlers might be damaged if the toy is too loud.