Top Learning Toys for Kids in 2010

The main idea behind toys is allowing kids to have fun, of course, but there are times when you can combine fun with learning. By getting educational toys that can help with your child's development, you can help them grow while they have fun at the same time. The hard part is finding toys that combine fun and learning in an interesting way that can keep their attention. This is where our list comes in.

Top Learning Toys for Kids

If you are looking for toys to help your child learn, here is a list of some of the better ones available for Christmas 2010.

  • Snap Circuits Jr SC-100 – Primarily for children ages 8 to 12, this is a great way to teach electronics. With 100 great experiments to build, there are hours and hours of fun – and learning – in this toy.
  • Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum – Kids over eight years old are going to love this suction vacuum that lets them scoop up bugs of all types safely and without a hassle. Then, the insects can be studied. What a great way to have fun and learn at the same time.
  • V.Reader from VTech – This is a great ebook reader that can help teach small children how to read. By showing the text and reading the story to them at the same time, the V.Reader is an advanced learning toy that every small child should have.
  • Leapster Explorer by LeapFrog - A similar system to the V.Reader, there are enough differences that this should get a mention of its own. For around the same price, you can get access to books and games on the same player.
  • Arts and crafts supplies - The specifics will vary depending on the age of the child, but art can be a great way to learn and have fun at the same time.
  • Board Games – While there are some educational video games, there are many great board games to help with learning as well. Having a family game night is a great way to interact with your children, helping them learn life lessons while having fun playing a game.

There are many other learning toys for kids out there, but this list should give you an idea of some of the more popular options for Christmas 2010. If you want to find the very best educational toys for kids, you need to make sure you keep up on all the latest reviews. Finding the best learning toys does not have to be difficult.