The Joy of Building Wooden Toys

The earliest form of toys which dates back to the historical Roman era were all constructed from wood. Toymakers throughout the world fine-tuned the art of crafting wood creating authentic looking dolls, horses, and classic games that we still enjoy today. As time progress more complex and intricate details were added in the process. Vibrant colorful shades, plush fabrics, and movable wooden toy parts paved the way for a new breed. The beloved train set was born along with dollhouses for little girls. During the post WWII period plastic became popular discontinuing the need for wood products. Unfortunately, wooden toys are seldom visible in today's stores. Everything is computerized or artificial. These once immensely popular toys can only be found online or at special novelty shops.

Wooden toys are highly beneficial to children. Each unique toy promotes a specific skill that will assist a child in proper development. Large puzzles with thick wood pegs for easy gripping enhance various fine motor skills. Sturdy wood toy wheels on riding playthings significantly improve mobility. Miniature play sets give kids an opportunity to work on social interaction while learning simultaneously. Unlike modern toys in the market today which are equipped with sound effects, sensor motions, and blue-chip technology wooden toys force kids to use their imagination during play. Children must envision the sights and sounds on their own. These toys are free from many of the toxic concerns associated with plastic products and the environment as well.

There are many options for a builder to consider when making a toy. You can be as creative as you want or adhere to a basic design. Boys and girls enjoy different types of wooden toys depending on their age range. Toddlers of both sexes love wooden blocks and pull toys. Stick horses, doll swings, cribs, puzzles, trucks, cars, trains, soldiers, and games are all sought-after creations. Games such as chess can be easily made with wood spindles and screwhole buttons. Play sets of farms, kitchens, firehouses, and dollhouses are available in wood toy kits if you need extra guidance in the layout. Building wooden toys is an excellent hobby.

The sheer joy that comes from building wooden toys is overwhelming. If you've worked with wood before or are new to woodworking the sense of accomplishment as you shape a piece of unfinished wood into a precious toy for your child or grandchildren is beyond rewarding. Creating a toy that can last for decades and be passed down through generations to come is a marvelous gift for your family. Wooden toys educate the mind as they unlock a child's imagination. Building can even become a new tradition in your home. Allowing your grandchild to be present and help while making the wood toy parts will instill in them confidence and pride. It is also a fantastic way to bond with kids. They feel special and quite important standing on a stool assisting dad or grandfather in the process. A simple wooden play set or truck has the ability to become the most cherished toy in the universe because you made it just for them.