What Is the Deal With the Toy Story 3 Toys?

Since its very inception, Pixar Animation Studios has been making quality feature films for kids that become cultural classics. These films spur the production on some of the most beloved character toys of all times. Such is the case with the Toys Story 3 toys. In the third installment of the popular animated films Buzz and Woody again delight kids everywhere with their compelling tale of an unlikely and now unbreakable friendship between an old fashioned cowboy toy and a new fangled space ranger action figure. The film has brought about a vast array of spectacular toys for children in nearly every age group. With so many to choose from, you can pick up a little something for everyone on your list.

Some of the most well known toymakers are licensed to create these toys for children to enjoy. Fisher Price has quite an assortment of Toy Story 3 toys in its impressive toy lineup. Among them is the GeoTrax Exploding Bridge RC Train set. With this set, your kids may reenact the start of the film or choose to invent a new story line of their own. This is a perfect toy for kids ages 2 and up. The Imaginext line from Fisher-Price also features figures and vehicles from the movie but one of the most popular is its Junkyard Playset. The set comes with small action figures of Lotso, Buzz, and 3 of the little green aliens. It is a three story set that has a huge scoop that deposits the action figures down in the sorter after which they are then shot out onto conveyer belts that carry the figures from level to level.

Lego has also been able to capitalize on the popularity of these characters. Lego is the most excellent source for construction building toys and has several building sets from the movie. The Garbage Truck Getaway is for kids ages 7 and up and features Woody, Buzz, Lotso and Twitch in the form of mini-figures. Once he builds the garbage truck and the dumpster, your child can truly let his imagination roam. Likewise is the case with the Pizza Planet Truck Rescue and the Western Train Chase. Even the Duplo line for younger kids carries a nice assortment, ranging from Woody's Roundup to the Alien Space Crane.

Additionally, Mattel has these adored character toys for purchase. Many action figures in various scenes and outfits from the movie are available from this sizable toy company. Its very popular Barbie shows her love for Buzz, Woody, and the aliens in three sets. Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and all your favorite characters come individually or in play sets of varying size to delight the imagination and spark creativity in your child.

Whether from these companies or others, the Toy Story 3 toys range from play sets to costumes, from figurines to electronics, and from blocks to motorized vehicles. Every child on your list is sure to find something imaginative and inventive inspired by the characters of this movie.

Toy Story 3 Toys