The Importance of Real Board Games in This Digital Society

Almost anyone can play chess or any board game for that matter via their cellular phones and other portable gadgets. The convenience of playing a chess match against your friend miles away is something that we owe to technology. Its not a wonder if kids nowadays won't recognize a real backgammon set or a monopoly set because most games have gone digital.

But along with these conveniences, there are also some setbacks. One of which is that playing actual games brings a certain interaction that can never be found in video games. Moreover, they strengthen family ties and it brings about a friendly atmosphere for closure. Nothing comes close to the feeling of enjoyment in a game of monopoly with your friends.They are also ideal in camping trips and/or picnics. Can you imagine yourself hooked on your PDA playing some kind of board game on a camping trip?

It also bridges the gap between old and young, its unlikely to challenge your Dad to a video game but I guess he won't turn down a game of chess. All generations can enjoy these games and that is why it is wrong to throw away those chess boards.

In fact, it would be nice to have several games in your living room for those times when video games feel too tedious.

One misconception about them is that they are only for kids, but in fact, there are those that cater to a certain age group. This means that these games are for everyone.