Board Games Can Make Your Child Smarter

If you notice there are various indoor games which children would love to play when there is rain or snowfall, as they can't go outside. All the family members can plan out a day in a month where they can play indoor games like carom, Business king, Chess, Ludo snakes and ladders or Ludo devils and ladders. Like these, there are various other indoor games to enjoy and also they can make your child think and make them smarter. Some of the games are as follows:


Chess is a game loved by children, adults and old age. It is a favorite time pass game among old age people. You can buy a chess set either online, retail store or games store. But the preferred choice would be an online store as you will find different types of chess sets to choose from.

If children learn the art of playing chess at a young age they can also learn principles of life. By playing chess regularly children will learn how to survive in this competitive world. They will learn to face real challenges of life at a young age. In addition, they will develop social skills, create mental skills, take up responsibility and learn the value of hard work. They will learn that if they want to achieve anything big in life that have to put in hard work and that laziness will destroy them. To achieve success in life they should never give up easily in life. By playing chess they will get exposed to new attitudes and abilities.


Many Asian people love to play carom in their free time with their friends and family. Since it has very minimum rules it is fun to play. This game can be played by minimum 2 and maximum 4 players. Most of the carom boards available in the market are made up of wood. Different types of carom boards are available online or retail store. You can either choose a traditional carom board which is played with fingers or that which comes with miniature sticks to move the striker. If you want to buy a traditional style carom board it may cost you somewhere around $100 to $350. Do select your level of play before you buy. A beginner will buy a board which has bigger pockets that will fit the striker. An intermediate player will want a traditional board with pockets being slightly larger than carom men pieces. Now a new type of carom board has come into the market which is hexagon in shape. Find out what other accessories are required while buying a carom board. You will require a board, striker, stand or stool, carom powder, game pieces etc. Give importance to the material of the board. If you're buying a board which is high priced, make sure that wood will not wrap easily.

There are various other board games which children and adults would love to play like snakes and ladders, Business king, scrabble etc the list is endless. So buy your board game today from an online store and enjoy playing it!