Hot Toys Action Figures

It may not be one of the most creative names for a business but it is certainly catchy.

Hot Toys is a Hong Kong company based in Hong Kong. They make some of the most outstanding 12 inch action figures known to man. They design, develop and manufacture action figures famous for their impressive likeness of the characters of the movies they're portraying of which they have licenses. This was not always the case though.

Hot Toys started out small in 2000, and they first specialized in 1/6 scale military action figures. They grew in size, reputation and experience, and through the quality of their work, from 2003 forward they started getting licenses to create action figures based on movies, celebrities and video games and anime characters, diversifying a lot from what they initially started out to begin with. Just to give some quick examples, they created figures for Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Terminator, Alien, Predator; for celebrities 12 inch versions of Michael Jackson; and Astro Boy, Bio Hazard 4 & 5 and others as some of the video game and anime characters they made.

They don't just produce 12″ figures, they also tackle 4″ and 8″ action figures, along with their 3″ Mini Cosbaby series, Vinyl figures and their highly detailed and accurate 1/4th scale busts, just to name a few of their most successful deviations from their original field of 1/6 scale expertise.

While some of their other collectibles may vary a lot in price, most of Hot Toys 12 inch figures are sold at around the $180 mark for the quality of the work, the detail and the likeness to the characters. Most people buying Hot Toys action figures range from a specific movie enthusiast to an all purpose collector.