Best Action Figure Toys and Playsets NOT Based on a Movie

Action figure toys and playsets are great for kids especially when they don't come already laden with preconceived stories or characters. There are heaps of action figures in toy stores but the vast majority of them area adapted from television shows or movies.

When kids play with these toys half their imagination is taken away because they immediately adopt the persona of that character. This is not a serious issue but it can be a good idea to mix action figure toys with other s that are simply toys and whose personalities aren't based on another writer's script.

So what are the best action figures if kids want to make up their own stories? Kidkraft put out a number of playsets and figures that are full of interactive elements and sun. You can't purchase the figures separately but the playsets come with a number of figures and vehicles, everything is ready to play. Current playsets include trains, a submarine or spaceship interior and rescue and fire stations. The sets are made of MDF and the figures of wood.

Melissa and Doug have also released a number of playsets also made of wood. Their range includes a castle theme as well as doll houses, stables and fairy themed houses and castles. The Melissa and Doug brand has a great name and with these playsets you can add specially designed furniture or figures as required. Papo/Schleich figures including animals and knights also work well with the castle themed sets.

Playmobil is probably one of the biggest names in plastic action figures and playsets. Their durable range has been made for the last 35 years and has essentially stayed the same winning formula. Small 3 inch figures with interchangeable elements and detailed play sets with a range of cool accessories.

Current large Playmobil playsets include an ancient Egyptian pyramid, a zoo, castles, a forest house and many more. There are a number of smaller accessory sets that can be used with the larger playsets.

The Calico Critters range of anthropomorphic animal figures provides an opportunity for children to play with animals that look and act like humans. These flocked plastic critters are soft to the touch and come with intricate clothes and accessories. Although they have names and some have back stories they are not essential to play and not promoted heavily.

Action figures are also present in Lego but you will have to steer away from their licensed range, while brilliant, can steer kids into already established story lines and personalities.