Custom Bobble Heads – The Better Action Figures For Promotions

Why are custom bobble heads considered to be action figures if they don't move save for their big heads? Most people would tell you that the real action figures have arms and legs that you can move around to depict several actions. Even customized wobbly headed dolls don't fit that description. They just nod their heads non-stop (because you can't stop tapping them) while the rest of the body remains stationary.

But go ahead and contact a bobble head manufacturer if you need to promote a business or individual and you'll see how custom bobble head dolls can be the better action figures. What characteristics do wobbly headed figurines have that makes them the action figure of choice as far as promotion is concerned? Here are just some of them:

1. A nodding head

This is why you're approaching a bobble head manufacturer in the first place. You understand the pull that the bobbing head has and how it can help you capture the attention of your prospective customers. This action is enough for you to get that opportunity to get your message across.

2. Ability to be posed

Now, it wouldn't be like the other action figures where you can move them around, but when you talk to a custom figurine manufacturer, you have to think of the pose that is best suited for the promotional campaign that you're running. You can have custom bobble heads that are playing golf, shooting some hoops, or pretty much anything that you can think of. You can even make customized wobbling headed dolls that are driving a car. This flexibility and "action" can help you attract more people.

3. Ability to talk

You can make them talk! You can put in a recorded message and it will be like your commercial running over and over again. Imagine hundreds of your custom bobble heads out in the world repeating your message to prospective and continued customers alike. That is very powerful to say the least. You'll get your message across easily that way.

4. They get the job done

In real life, an action man can only be called that if he gets the job done. He can be very timid with his movements but if he gets the job done effectively and efficiently, then he's way better than the loudmouth who does 5 things at once without really getting the main job done. If you approach a reliable custom figurine manufacturer, you'll have bobble head dolls that will get the job done for you. They'll help you become successful in your campaign.

Now that you see how custom bobble heads can help you promote a business or individual, all you need to do is contact a bobble head manufacturer. But have a strategy ready. You may want to use them as thank you gifts to your best customers, or as contest prizes to generate publicity. You can even use them as gifts to your employees to show your appreciation for all their hard work. Once your custom designed wobbly headed figurines start hitting desks and living room shelves, this "action figure" will become your "results figure".